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Brian Mooney

Sound Mosaic: An Original Hip-Hop and Spoken Word Composition

"Sound Mosaic" is an original Hip-Hop and spoken word composition produced by TC instructor and English Education doctoral student Brian Mooney. The song utilizes the Hip-Hop aesthetics of sampling and remix as decolonizing methodologies to explore multimodality through sound. The song samples scholars such as Gunther Kress and Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, as well as music and film compositions such as John Cage’s "Imaginary Landscapes" and "Global Groove” by Nam June Paik and John Godfrey. The song is an excerpt from Brian’s forthcoming mutimodal dissertation album, To Speak a True Word: Hip Hop Pedagogy, Remix Poetics, and the Literacies of Sampling, to be released in November 2022.

Remixing Multimodality (Mastered with Cl
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