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Stephen Brookfield

The 99ers

The 99ers have a trifecta philosophy--BANG IT OUT, KEEP IT SHORT & NO MESSING ABOUT! We strive for no artistic and political significance, but do agree with Herbert Marcuse's claim that experiencing and playing music creates a temporary estrangement from what we view as the 'normal'. Smashing an 'A' power chord and feeling the power surge through the band and across the stage into the audience creates what Marghanita Laski called a moment of 'everyday ecstasy' that exists beyond the cognitive or rational domains of life. Long live pop punk!

Kissing Johnny Ramone (Music video, 2:24)

Pop Punk Girl (Music video, 2:26)

Pop Punk Girl - Live in Studio K (Music video, 2:49)

Calhoun Beach (Music video, 3:00)

What If Godzilla Was Into Punk Rock? (Time lapse video, 2:24)

Trumpland (Music video, 3:01)

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